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Tower Hamlets film tackling climate change praised as ‘powerful and inspiring’.


Time for Change puts a spotlight on the environmental crisis threatening Tower Hamlets. It recently enjoyed a successful virtual premiere, where experts from Tower Hamlets council and UNICEF answered local residents questions.


The film centres on the experiences of those living in Tower Hamlets, a hotspot for air pollution. The A12, located closely to the densely populated borough transports 100,000 vehicles daily, contributing to major health problems.

Did you know children growing up in Tower Hamlets have 10% less lung capacity than the national UK average? 

Research indicates a link between high levels of air pollution and higher rates of infection and high death rates from Covid-19. Allowing air pollution to deteriorate exasperates health inequalities and increases the risk of Covid 19 for vulnerable and minority groups.

Directors Harry Forshaw and Tam Winter, worked closely with young people from Spotlight youth services, Tower Hamlets Council, the NHS and The Green Schools Project, to illustrate how the community can work together to mitigate the health crisis.

Local children and respected long time community members walk viewers through the different types of environmental decline and share their insights to raise awareness and encourage viewers to consider their impacts.

Time for Change shows us that if we act now and strive for collective change, we can ensure the longevity of our communities and safeguard the wellbeing of those who inhabit them far into the future.   Watch and see how below:



Time For Change - A Tower Hamlets Film

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