Fire Safety

Here you can find everything you need to know about fire safety, including what we're doing and what you can do to keep you and your home safe.

What to do if there’s a fire

If there’s a fire inside your home or you’re affected by heat and smoke, wherever possible, get out as soon as you can.

Remember to follow these 4 steps:

  1. Get everybody out immediately
  2. Close your doors behind you
  3. Leave via the stairs (do not use the lift)
  4. Call 999 once you’re safely outside, and don’t go back in unless the Fire Brigade say you can.

If your home is affected but you can’t leave the building:

  • Call 999 and tell the Fire Brigade where you are
  • Use towels and sheets around the edges of doors to prevent smoke from getting in
  • Call for help from a window
  • Stay as low as possible to avoid breathing in smoke – even if it means crawling on your hands and knees.

If the fire is another part of the building, it’s usually safer to stay put in your home – unless you’re directly affected by heat and smoke, or you’ve been told by us that you should get out if there’s a fire.

Our fire safety policyFire safety FAQs

Fire safety in your home

Your safety is our top priority and we carry out regular checks to your home and building.

You can find out more about what we’re doing to keep your building safe, as well as advice on what you can do to prevent fires from starting and spreading in your home, by clicking on the icons below.