Fire risk assessments and EWS1 forms

We're responsible for arranging fire risk assessments (FRAs) to our buildings every year and acting upon work which may be identified.

An FRA is a report on the fire hazards and precautions within the internal communal areas of a building.  It identifies risks, evaluates existing fire safety measures and tells us if extra measures are needed to prevent, control and reduce the effects of fire.

If you live in a block of flats and want to see the safety records for where you live, you can do so by scanning the QR code on your building with a smart phone.

External Wall System Assessment 1 (EWS1) forms

Additional fire risk assessments, known as EWS1 assessments check that materials used to construct buildings, usually over 18 meters tall, have passed safety tests and been installed and maintained correctly, including cladding.

As your landlord we must complete these assessments to comply with the Fire Safety England Regulations 2022 and the Building Safety Act 2022.

We’ve carried out an extensive EWS1 programme across over 100 of our buildings to identify where remediation works have been necessary.  EWS1 forms can be issued on request.


Many leaseholders wishing to buy, sell or re-mortgage their properties are required to provide EWS1 certification to solicitors and mortgage lenders. Certificates can be issued to leaseholders on request.



Building Safety FundGovernment update January 2022

You can find the status of buildings in the current EWS1 assessment programme by using the search box below.