Want to get involved?

There’s lots of opportunities for you to get involved and influence what we do.

We seek and value resident feedback because nobody knows your home, your places and what’s important to your community better than you.

The Regulator of Social Housing and the Housing Ombudsman also require landlords to be proactive with improving the ways we listen and act on what you say.

So, here’s what we’re doing and details about how you can get involved.

Ways to get involved

Decision making

Residents have always been involved in our management and decision making, with local people represented on our Board and Committees and our Youth Empowerment Board (YEB).

If you live or work in Tower Hamlets, have an interest in great governance, and are committed to community-driven decision making, we’d love to hear from you.

Estate Boards

You can join an Estate Board or Gathering Group where neighbours get together to hold us to account, help us improve and have their say.

Estate Boards & Gathering Groups

Community centres

Our centres are open to everyone in the community. We work closely with residents and partners to hold events and provide support and wellbeing initiatives that you tell us your community need.

Drop by at one of our centres to chat to us in person or get in touch online.

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You can get involved with a variety of volunteering opportunities in your local area. We offer something to suit all interests, career aspirations and experience.

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Resident Steering Groups

Residents living in regeneration areas are crucial to making sure the decisions made about where they live are the right decisions.

Big changes are happening on the Teviot and Aberfeldy estates and residents living here can join their Resident Steering Group (RSG), at any time.

Building safety

Working together with residents we’re making sure you can easily access information, provide feedback and shape decisions on the safety of your home and building (if you live in a flat).

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Green projects

We work with residents and local partners to help create a greener and more sustainable future for everyone in east London.

Interested? Please get in touch.

Our green projects

Local business

As part of what we do to help build a stronger local economy, we offer support to local business and provide affordable workspace, alongside our partners.

Regeneration Projects

Resident satisfaction

You can tell us what you think about our services day to day and every year, in our Tenant Satisfaction Measures survey (TSMs).

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Keep informed

You might want to keep up to date rather than get actively involved with our services and projects.

There’s lot of ways you can keep an eye on our performance and responses to resident feedback.