In October 2020, on a 91.1% voter turnout, 93.1% of Aberfeldy residents voted yes to regeneration.

We’ve promised every resident who lives in this area, previously known as Aberfeldy West, will be given the option to remain living in Aberfeldy and, at a minimum, offered a like-for-like home.

You can download the full offer which outlines each of our promises by clicking on the red Landlord’s Offer button, on this web page.

What you’re telling us

With EcoWorld London, the developers, we launched the first round of public consultation for the Aberfeldy New Masterplan, in November 2020.

You can find details on what people are telling us on Commonplace, a dedicated consultation hub for the Aberfeldy regeneration, where you can share your thoughts on the plans, at any time.

Keep up to date on the Aberfeldy public consultation 

A second round of consultation was held in 2021, with the intention to submit a planning application in autumn 2021 and to the Planning Committee in early 2022.

Residents’ Steering Group (RSG)

The RSG is formed of Aberfeldy residents who influence decisions at every stage of potential regeneration, including the procurement of contractors and timelines for the work.

If you live in Aberfeldy, you can join the RSG at any time.  Contact Fintan, from Poplar HARCA, on 07852 998909.

Residents can also contact Independent Tenant & Leaseholder Advisor, Mo Ali, on 07940 431503 or for advice and guidance.

What will regeneration look like?

What potential regeneration might look like is not yet confirmed. What residents tell us they want for the area will be key to shaping the design ideas.

Which area of Aberfeldy does the Aberfeldy New Masterplan, include?

Previously referred to as Aberfeldy West, the Aberfeldy New Masterplan includes the following areas.

  • Aberfeldy Street
  • Balmore Close
  • Blairgowrie Court
  • Findhorn Street
  • Kilbrennan House
  • Heather House
  • Jura House
  • Nairn Street
  • Tartan House
  • Thistle House

Resident Info

RSG Workshops


"Local shops are vital for the community."

Aberfeldy resident

"The 309 is a lifeline."

Aberfeldy resident

"We want nature and places for kids to play."

Aberfeldy resident

280 residents took part in consultation during lockdown

More than 2,500 ideas put forward by residents

93.1% of residents who voted said yes to regeneration

Project Timeline

Design & Consultation

We are having conversations with local residents, businesses and the wider community to get their feedback, and initial designs ideas are being developed.