Our Board members have overall responsibility for Poplar HARCA.

They may delegate to others, such as to Committees and the Corporate Management Team, but they still retain the ultimate responsibility for all actions taken in Poplar HARCA’s name.

They also decide the overall aims and objectives of Poplar HARCA and ensure that the organisation is meeting these and keeping within its legal, financial and moral obligations.

We are currently recruiting for the Audit & Risk Committee. Click the buttons below to find out more.

All Board and Committee members declare any  potential or perceived conflicts of interests. These are available upon request.

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Organisation Relationship Flow

Poplar HARCA Board

Board of Directors with ultimate responsibility for Poplar HARCA's work and actions.

Audit & Risk Committee

Assurance to the Board on external & internal audit, and risk.

Finance Committee

Assurance on financial security & performance, capital programme, asset management & personnel strategy.

Services Committee

Assurance on the delivery of services & community.

Remuneration Committee

RemCom oversees strategic remuneration policy, Board & Committee member recruitment & development, & pension arrangements.

Corporate Management Team

Poplar HARCA's senior directors, who provide advice and assurance to Committees and Board.


Dr Paul Brickell

Paul has extensive regeneration experience.

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Tanya Martin

Tanya has lived in Poplar for over 10 years since moving from the borough of Hackney.

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Momtaz Ajid

Momtaz has lived in the Poplar area for over 20 years.

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Sade Koiki

Sade grew up on the Lansbury West estate and has lived in the area for over fifteen years.

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Shabana Yousaf

Shabana has over 25 years' experience working for Housing Associations, Local Authorities and ALMO's.

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Kyle Rosevear

Kyle is a Director at TradeRisks, part of the Gresham House Group.

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Safia Jama

Safia, a Bow local, graduated from Birckbeck University with a degree in Community Development and Local Policies.

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Matthew Taylor

Matthew has over 30 years of Board, Director and Management Consultancy experience.

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Christopher Haines

Christopher is a Detective Sergeant in the Metropolitan Police Service.

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Shanela Haque

Shanela is a qualified Solicitor.

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Erica Day

Erica has lived in Tower Hamlets since coming to London from Australia in 2005.

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Rob Hannabuss

Rob recently retired after a career spanning 48 years in housing.

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