Report Repairs

As your landlord we are responsible for keeping your home in a good condition and we take this role very seriously.

During the coronavirus pandemic, we are only carrying out emergency and essential repairs:

    Essential repairs          Non-essential repairs
  • no heating in Winter*
  • electrical emergencies*
  • security locks and window restrictors*
  • severe leaks*
  • leaks which can be contained
  • work required to preserve the safety of residents or the structure of a building*
  • lifts which are out of service*
  • communal and estate repairs
  • works in our empty properties
  • gas servicing
  • minor day-to-day repairs, adjustments or inspections
  • mould and condensation
  • finishings including decoration, plastering, tiling and flooring
  • bath panel renewals
  • replacements
  • any repair required as a result of damage, neglect or misuse by the resident

*This is an emergency repair which you can report by calling us on 0800 035 1991.

For essential repairs and enquiries, email

Read our full information about essential repairs.

There are some repairs that you are responsible for fixing yourself. Before reporting, please view the repairs responsibility list. We have put together how-to repairs videos & useful resources so that you can carry out basic repairs jobs at home, without having to book an appointment or wait for an engineer.

In the winter months, moisture in the warm air hits cold surfaces which causes condensation to form. A buildup of condensation can cause mould. Read our top tips for winter to help prevent condensation.

Winter is the busiest time of the year for our heating contractors. If you have heating or hot water issues, report a repair as soon as possible to avoid a delay in getting the problem fixed.


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