Report mould or condensation

Report mould and condensation

Levels of mould

Have you experience mould in the last 3 years?

Which rooms are affected by mould (please tick appropriate boxes):

Living room


Does your home show any signs of condensation e.g. water droplets on your windows (please see example photo above)

Leak information

Have you experienced a leak into your home in the last 3 months?
Are you currently experiencing a leak?
Is there mould in the area where the leak is?

Extractor fans

Do you have an extractor fan in your bathroom?
Does it work?
Do you have an extractor fan in your toilet?
Does it work?


Do you know how to use your boiler?
Do you have any concerns about your energy usage?
Does your heating work sufficiently?
Do you or any household members currently suffer from any health issues?
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