Fire safety in our homes

What are we doing to keep our homes safe against fire?

Fire risk assessments   

  • We assess all of our buildings every year, and assess some of our higher risk buildings every six months.

Testing electrics

  • We test the electrics in our rented homes and communal areas every five years, and fix anything that needs to be repaired.

Testing fire safety equipment   

  • We test the fire alarms, smoke extraction systems, dry risers, and emergency lighting in your buildings twice a year.

Inspecting doors 

  • We inspect communal fire doors every 3 months. We’ll also inspect the front doors of all rented homes in our buildings of 11 meters (about five storeys) tall or higher every year. We’ll be in touch when your building is due to be inspected.

Fitting smoke and heat detectors           

  • We fit smoke, heat and carbon monoxide detectors in all of our rented homes.

Fire safety checks  

  •  We do various safety checks to make sure that your building is safe, including checks on the external wall (such as cladding), bin chutes and communal extractor fans.