We want to know when things go wrong

Tell us what happened so we can act on it. Contact us by phone, email or in person at one of our offices.

Here’s a summary of our complaints policy.  The full version is downloadable from the sidebar.


Here’s what happens when you raise a complaint:

We’ll ask you to tell us what remedy you want

We’ll respond within ten working days

If you don’t accept the proposed resolution, a panel will review it

We’ll compensate if:

  • there’s been a proven loss, or
  • you’ve experienced distress or inconvenience

We won’t pay compensation if the complaint you’ve raised:

  1. has already been compensated for
  2. was caused by a third party
  3. was caused by something we couldn’t have known about
  4. was caused by something beyond our control
  5. was covered by an insurance policy
  6. has been subject to tribunal or legal proceedings

We won’t consider complaints that:

  1. can be considered through an alternative complaint or appeal process
  2. are about something that happened more than six months ago
  3. have already been complained about, or could have been raised during a previous complaint
  4. are about a third party
  5. are about compliance with a policy, law or regulation
  6. are about Poplar HARCA as an employer
  7. are subject to legal, Court, Tribunal or Ombudsman proceedings


Housing Ombudsman Service

The Housing Ombudsman is a neutral organisation, set up by law to look at complaints about housing associations. The Ombudsman will consider your complaint only when you have gone through Poplar HARCA's procedure, and have either been referred by a designated person or waited eight weeks from Poplar HARCA's decision.

Contact the Housing Obudsman:

- by letter: 81 Aldwych, London, WC2B 4HN

- by phone: 0300 111 3000

- by email:

For more information visit the Housing Ombudsman's website.


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