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Leak and Pest Control

Mr M. was unhappy with our handling of a complaint regarding timely resolution of a leak and pest control issue in his home


We arranged for our contractors to investigate the leak when notified, and a repair was carried out as soon as the source was identified. There was also a pest issue at the property, which, in accordance with our agreement with Tower Hamlets Council, was initially investigated by the council who would then provide us with a report of their findings so that further action can be taken, if required. On this occasion, no report was received from the council and following further reports of ongoing pest infestation by the tenant, we did not proactively engage with the council to confirm the problem had been resolved or what further actions were needed. A complaint was received by Mr M, requesting compensation of £500 to cover the following:

  • Loss of income as Mr M had to take time off work to be available during investigations for the leak
  • Damage to laminate flooring when a washing machine was moved by Mr M to allow contractors to inspect the area
  • The distress caused by the failure to resolve the pest issue in a timely manner

Following a full investigation of the complaint, an offer of £250, in accordance with our Customer Care policy, was made to Mr M. at Stage 1 of our complaints process in recognition of the high impact the service failure to resolve the pest control issue in a timely manner had caused. This decision was also upheld by the panel at Stage 2, and Mr M.  then referred the matter to the Housing Ombudsman Service (HOS).


  • no maladministration by Poplar HARCA in respect of the handling of the reports regarding the leak and the actions taken to resolve this as quickly as possible.
  • service failure regarding the handling of the reports into mice infestation at the property.

The Housing Ombudsman has ordered us to pay £250 to the tenant (which was initially offered at the resolve stage of the complaint) and provide details of how a claim can be made in respect of the damaged kitchen flooring.


A meeting has been arranged between our Head of Repairs and Tower Hamlets pest control to improve communication between the relevant departments and avoid communication failures in future.

Recommendation from the HOS

Provide Mr M with information about how to make a claim on its insurance with respect to the kitchen flooring