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Resident feedback: A dedicated Parking team

We’ve introduced a dedicated team to deal with all parking enquiries and issues


  • After ongoing feedback about how difficult it is to park on our estates, we carried out a parking survey to all residents to gather feedback on how you want parking to operate.
  • This resulted in creating a dedicated parking team in April 2023, to provide residents with a dedicated point of contact for all parking related enquiries.


  • Having a dedicated parking team means we can deal better with complex requests.
  • For example, a tenant on the Leopold estate faced numerous challenges due to her disability and health conditions, having undergone a lower leg amputation and recently recovered from a stroke. For a number of years she had struggled to secure suitable parking near her home and was left parking her mobility vehicle several streets away. Working collaboratively with the Housing and Development teams, the new Parking team were able to identify a vacant space, conveniently located close to her home, and secure this as an allocated disabled space for the resident. They also arranged for a parking post to be installed, to ensure it is reserved exclusively for her use.
  • The resident expressed her immense happiness and relief at the positive changes brought about by the new revised parking policy and the dedication demonstrated by our dedicated parking team. Finally having access to a nearby parking space tailored to her needs substantially improved her daily living and life.
  • By going the extra mile to provide accessible parking, our dedicated parking team has made a profound and positive impact on the tenant’s life.