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Resident Feedback: Consulting on major works

Enquiries from residents on a complex major works project led to a new way of consultation


  • While we were tendering for planned electrical works at Gayton and Sleaford House, a fire safety report highlighted a number of high priority recommendations which were incorporated into the project. This included inspecting all resident store cupboards which open onto communal walkways and removing any flammable materials.
  • This raised significant concern among residents, with criticism that we had not been transparent. A number of enquiries were made to different team members.


  • We arranged a resident consultation event where the project team delivered a full presentation on the history, rationale of the decisions made and next steps in the process. This was followed by a Q&A session, and assurance was made to come back to residents on outstanding points.
  • Follow-up letters and FAQs covering all the key discussion points were sent to all residents and more consultation events planned.
  • The number of queries has dramatically reduced, as residents feel better informed and we also received positive feedback from attendees.


“Thank you for getting the Residents FAQ Sheet out to all residents so promptly. The information is a very concise account of that meeting, and – like the event – very useful, it will be informative for all of the residents of both blocks” Mr F.