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Resident Feedback: Revive a Garden project

A resident struggling with an overgrown garden inspired us to start our own ‘Good Gym’ style volunteering project


  • A resident on our Aberfeldy Estate was struggling with a severely overgrown garden, which had become completely inaccessible. Their granddaughter contacted our Housing team to ask for help.


  • In collaboration with our Volunteering team, four staff members gave up their time to clear the garden and bring it back into use. Now the resident can enjoy an open, safe garden space that had previously been inaccessible for a very a long period of time.
  • Following the success of this initiative, our Volunteering Partnership Manager is expanding this into a regular programme of volunteering opportunities for staff. The Revive a Garden project recruits small teams of volunteers from across the organisation to lend a hand for a few hours, matching them with residents referred by the Housing team, who need some extra help.
  • Going forward, our volunteering efforts will directly benefit vulnerable members of our community who lack the means to tend to their own green spaces. By dedicating our time to help residents reclaim their garden space, we’ll be fostering a sense of community, providing therapeutic benefits, and enhancing the overall wellbeing of our residents.