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Complaints: Surveyors’ Appointment Days

Mr T (name changed) submitted a complaint after a surveyor missed a scheduled appointment.


  • Mr T submitted a complaint because a surveyor missed an appointment that was scheduled for a Monday. After investigating why this had happened, it became clear that there was a trend of Monday appointments running late or being missed because surveyors were dealing with emergencies that occurred at the weekend.
  • Additionally, through further investigation, we found that residents who experienced issues at the weekend were often offered appointments on Mondays. However, we weren’t always in a position to accommodate this because contractors were already booked up – resulting in further delayed or missed appointments.


  • This complaint changed the way we schedule appointments with surveyors. We now have patch days from Tuesday to Friday, and keep Mondays clear so that all patch surveyors are available to deal with emergencies that have arisen over the weekend. Surveyors either carry out inspections themselves or supervise contractors to make sure that issues are resolved, without interrupting appointments that residents have pre-booked.