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Celebrating the local women supporting their communities


Poplar residents Moni and Shuily are featured in Save the Children’s campaign for International Women’s Day to showcase the ‘amazing women’ supporting their communities with the cost of living.

Well-known faces within the Aberfeldy community, Moni and Shuily, have been involved in leading multiple female-focused groups over the years. Recently, with our help,  they launched a healthy eating and cooking class, offering not only budget cooking but also peer support.

Both women said, “If you know how to do something, you know how to make something, so why not share it? It’s a life skill worth sharing. We realised that people didn’t know how to make a lot of different dishes healthily, especially in a way in which they could save money. Given the current cost of living crisis, we thought it would be very beneficial.”

Their story began 11 years ago when they met at our Aberfeldy community centre, and through Save the Children, our long-standing partner in Tower Hamlets,  it’s now being shared with others.

Shuily and Moni are among the six women chosen for the ‘Cost of Living Champions’ photo series created by Save the Children and featured in Stylist Magazine.

To mark International Women’s Day (8 March 2023), the charity commissioned six leading female photographers, including Serena Brown, to share the stories of six community champions from around the UK.

"These stunning photos portray the significant role women play in responding to the UK's cost of living crisis. Each woman is inspiring for the work they are doing and deserves their moment in the spotlight. Everything they do, often for little or no pay, is to make the lives of others easier."

Gwen Hines, CEO of Save the Children