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Alex volunteers to support the community during Covid-19


Alex has been furloughed from Hilton Hotel, so has signed up to volunteer with Poplar HARCA to support his local community. He recently checked up on our elderly residents through (socially-distanced) door knocks, and has since helped out with cooking at our Community Kitchen.

In his own words, he told us: “I have had the opportunity to meet with people from diverse backgrounds – some were courteous and reserved whilst others were very trusting and chatty. Family is really important to me and it was so nice to see that more than half of the residents I visited were supported by their direct family and all the remaining ones were supported by their neighbours.

I noticed that all residents were very cautious and respected self-distancing and asked clear details of who I was and the reason for my visit before opening the door. Once the connection was made, it was clear that those residents were very keen to chat and share their experiences and history of living in Poplar”.

Alex noted one of his favourite quotes from a resident during his visits. They told him: ‘When I first moved to Poplar the London Docklands fog was a silent killer and that didn’t kill me, I will also survive the virus and enjoy the sun from my balcony’.  

After a long day of visiting residents Alex reached his 10,000 steps goal (keeping him fit during lockdown!) and felt reassured that our families and community spirit will get us through isolation and the virus. He loved working as a volunteer with us, saying: “It was my first experience with Poplar HARCA and I am already looking to go back out for more!”.

A big thank you to Alex for supporting the community during this uncertain time.