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No ifs, no butts, no BBQS on balconies


You can help keep where you live clean and safe by binning your cigarette butts and never using barbecues on balconies or in communal areas.

Not only do discarded cigarette butts create litter, they are also one of the most common causes of fires in the home.

Using a barbecue on a balcony or in a communal area is an equally serious fire risk.  Fires can start and quickly spread to neighbouring properties, putting lives at risk.

You can read more about balcony fires on the London Fire Brigade website.

Keep you, your loved ones and your neighbours safe by following these fire safety tips:

  • When at home, put a drop of water in your ashtray and stub your cigarette out
  • Never throw cigarette butts from balconies
  • Never smoke in communal areas, if you live in a flat
  • Get help to quit smoking through NHS Smoke Free or call 0300 123 1044
  • Enjoy barbecue food and eating outside but use your cooker or an electric grill instead
  • Never use a barbecue inside your home.
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