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Our waterside adventures continue thanks to new funding


We’ve been awarded new funding to help us provide local people with more opportunities to access water sports in Poplar

The grant of over £4,800 from the Active Thames Fund, led by the Port of London Authority, has been awarded to build on our successful #ShePaddles pilot watersport programme held for local women last Autumn.

All 18 women from the pilot programme with Moo Canoes will continue their water confidence training to complete the Paddle Discover qualification and edge closer to starting a boating club.

As well as canoeing classes, the funding will also enable us to provide swimming sessions – further boosting the confidence and skills of the women.

The pilot programme and boat club is part of our wider commitment to open up blue spaces in Poplar and Bow and make the water more accessible for our diverse local community.

"The funding is great news. Many of us have benefitted already from the pilot class. Canoeing never felt like it was for me, but my perspective has changed now. I feel more comfortable on the water and would definitely encourage others to get involved."

Bushra Sultana, a Poplar resident and watersport participant

The Active Thames Fund aims to encourage groups that are less likely to engage in physical activity on the river, including people from ethnically diverse communities, lower socio-economic groups, and people with disabilities.

Jenny Cooper, PLA sports manager, said: “Building on the success of last year’s grants, the 2023 Active Thames funding will help deliver our Thames Vision: more people using the river for leisure.

“All the organisations who received funding demonstrated how they will help us to achieve the goals of Active Thames, which is to make the river more inclusive, diverse and accessible to all.”