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The power of working together


Our Community Panel, a group of six residents, have developed a set of new engagement standards to make sure every resident’s voice is heard and valued.

Developed by and for residents, to improve how we listen to and act on your feedback, our Community Panels’ recommendations are based on:

  • lived experiences
  • research carried out over a year with housing and engagement specialists.

The standards form part of our new Resident Engagement strategy and will be taken up by:

  • every team at HARCA
  • our partners
  • and our contractors.

Three steps

Our new approach to resident engagement requires our teams to follow three easy steps:

  1. listening to you
  2. learning from what you tell us
  3. taking action to improve your services.

Find out more from the Community Panel in this 2-minute film.


What changes can residents expect?

Look out for:

  • new opportunities to have your say on all our services
  • your questions answered, issues resolved and feedback shared
  • to see and feel the benefits of better communication and engagement.
‘A culture of transparency, respect, and good communication is critical.’

Community Panel

About the Community Panel

We have a proud history of innovative and effective resident engagement. It’s always been at the heart of our governance structure and work with your community.

However, you told us we need to get better at communicating, informing and advising you on all our services. Your feedback, and direction from the Government requiring landlords to demonstrate better engagement with you, prompted the setup of our Community Panel.

We advertised the opportunity to join the panel in the summer of 2022.

‘Our aspiration for engagement is to go beyond the Regulator of Social Housing’s expectations.’

Community Panel

What will success look like?  

We’ll keep you up to date on how we’re doing.  We’ll do this by sharing:

  • our resident satisfaction results every year
  • our actions – how we’re responding to what you say
  • how many residents we’re engaging with including new people
  • how we’re engaging with underrepresented groups
  • training completed by our staff, partners and contractors
  • easy and convenient ways to engage with us
  • residents’ experiences and staff learning
  • our complaint performance
  • responses to our surveys and the results.

If you’re interested in having your say and improving our services, please get in touch.

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