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Welcome home: Stories from the heart of Poplar Riverside


Find out what makes the new affordable homes in Poplar more than just a spot by the river.

Tucked along the calm River Lea, Poplar Riverside is saying hello to new residents with comfy, affordable, and modern homes.

Imagine big kitchens, sunlit rooms, and bathrooms that bring a calming vibe. And here’s a cool feature – an open-plan layout smoothly connecting the kitchen, dining, and living areas. Oh, the exciting part – every home comes with its very own balcony.

Meet three Poplar Riverside residents who recently moved from different parts of Tower Hamlets including the neighbouring Teviot and Aberfeldy estates. We had a chat about the thrill of settling into their new homes and the exciting things they’re looking forward to in this vibrant neighbourhood.

Meet Arthur: The man who finally gets to eat oranges

Arthur moved into his new Poplar Riverside home in early January. As soon as you enter Arthur’s home, you can feel the warmth and cosiness. Arthur’s Caribbean culture can be felt throughout his home. Especially his fantastic sound system, that was still yet to be plugged in.

“[My living situation] wasn’t the best. I can see, I can feel the difference in here. Like it’s warm. The difference is night and day. It’s like a person, a man who’s he’s been eating lemons all his life, and then somebody gives him an orange and it’s just much sweeter. Yeah. Different.

The neighbours, all the people since I started moving in… everybody I’ve met, they’ve all had a smile on their face, and they’ve all been comfortable, and they’ve all been social. Friendly nice people.

In the summertime I can’t wait [to] just chill in the balcony area. Yeah, yeah. Blanket out and have a sleep. Also, just that period, settling in and enjoying it.”

We’re so glad that Arthur is settling in nicely.

Meet Sarah: The balcony from heaven

Sarah decided to downsize from her previous home. Sarah spoke about feeling even more integrated within the community that she has been living in for over 7 years and is loving the under-floor heating that her new home has!

“I had a bigger house. My children grew up there and then I had grandchildren, so they moved out. I also lived with a lot of stuff. I really had to let go of a lot of stuff during this move. But it’s like a new a new beginning, and I am happy that I downsized.

This home is more advantageous because I’ve got this balcony. The kids could go and play on it when they come, and I can also keep an eye on them. Also, I feel more homey. I’m surrounded. I don’t feel so lonely as I was in the other house. The house before, when my son used to go out, I felt like was enclosed, alone. But here I feel like there’s someone above and someone below me. Which is a lot better.”

As Sarah continued, she excitedly shared her balcony plans, mentioning the outdoor furniture she dreamed of buying, and spoke about how easy it was to the balcony from the living room. Sarah’s new home not only provides great space, but also the capacity to welcome her grandchildren when they come to visit.

Meet Shamima in her family home: Finally having the space

In our final conversation, we caught up with Shamima, a mother of three who has called this neighbourhood home for over 15 years. Her new, vibrant family home is precisely what she was seeking for her growing children. Shamima shared her experiences of the tight living conditions in her previous residence before moving into her spacious new 3-bedroom home.

“My two oldest have a three year gap between them, so it’s like the oldest kept asking for his own space and then it’s like he’s got homework and stuff. There was no way to, you know, accommodate that.

“We never used to have a proper play area, so I could see that they’re building all of these play areas around. So, I’m looking forward to the summer, to send the kids out to go and play and stuff, and to have actual gatherings with people. I’ve never had a gathering. There was no space for all that but now there will be.”

Shamima’s story reflects the positive impact a suitable home can have on a growing family, promising new possibilities and cherished family gatherings ahead.

Poplar Riverside: a community of stories waiting to be written

As we navigate the stories of Arthur, Sarah and Shamima, it’s evident that Poplar Riverside isn’t just a place to live; it’s a community of stories waiting to be written.

Join us as we continue to unravel the warmth, joy, and unique experiences that make this riverside neighbourhood more than just a collection of homes.

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"I feel more homey. Here I feel like there's someone above and someone below me. Which is a lot better.”

Sarah, Poplar Riverside resident

"In the summertime I can’t wait to just chill in the balcony area. Blanket out and have sleep!"

Arthur, Poplar Riverside resident