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Your one-stop furniture shop on Aberfeldy


Do you have unwanted furniture that could find new life in someone else’s home? Or do you just love a good home bargain?

We all want to turn our house into a home, with cosy places to sit, comfy beds to sleep in and smart ways to store and display our favourite belongings. But kitting out your home, from chairs and chests to carpets and curtains, can be expensive – especially with the ever-rising cost of living.

That’s where More Life Home comes in – a local one-stop furniture shop offering affordable second-hand furniture and delivery for local people, as well as low-cost removal services for those wishing to donate their unwanted items. You can visit their shop on Aberfeldy Street in Poplar to seek out second-hand homeware and clothes, or check out their warehouse on the Isle of Dogs to pick up a piece of pre-loved furniture at a fantastic price.

A real gem in the Aberfeldy community crown, More Life Home can also help to provide furniture and decorating for people who are trying to rebuild their lives but don’t have much money, such as those who’ve experienced domestic violence, house fires, or homelessness.

Since getting started in 2020, owner Natalie Winsmore and her team have rescued over 130 tonnes of pre-loved furniture destined for landfill, and redistributed it to over 650 homes across East London.

But that’s not all – the More Life Home shop at Aberfeldy also offers a range of community workshops and activities, as well as free or low-cost space for hire to local creatives and young people.

And their helping hand certainly hasn’t gone unnoticed. Natalie recently won ‘Star of the Future’ at the NatWest WISE100 awards, which celebrates female social entrepreneurs.

Talking to us about why she does what she does, Natalie said: “When someone doesn’t have the means to fill their home with the essentials, it affects their mental health and contributes to their sense of self. So this work is important. It saves furniture from landfill and serves local families. But I recognise there is a much bigger purpose to what I’m doing, it goes beyond me. It’s beautiful to see how well connected this community is.”

So whether you’d like to donate your old furniture or find the perfect new piece for your place, why not visit More Life Home today?

You can also read more about how our Safeguarding Team recently helped a young resident to get her new flat up and running with More Life Home, who provided her with pre-loved furniture here.