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Welcome to our inclusive activity designed specifically for individuals with disabilities!

A remarkable group of residents has come together, bound by a shared experience of partial sight. These individuals, with their determination and great spirit, have taken it upon themselves to run an engaging community activities. With the challenges they face, they have transformed their visual limitations into a catalyst for creative innovation and inclusivity. From art workshops to inclusive sport workshops that emphasize teamwork and adaptability. They have not only built an inclusive space for themselves but also fostering a sense of unity and understanding for the local community at St Pauls Way Centre. Global Eye and St Pauls Way Centre will continue to work collaboratively.

Our activity  is tailored to accommodate a wide range of disabilities, ensuring that each participant can fully participate and feel empowered. We understand that each individual is unique, with their own strengths and challenges, and we celebrate the diversity within our group.

Through our activities, we aim to promote physical, cognitive, and social well-being. We offer a variety of options, including adaptive sports, creative arts, sensory exploration, and interactive games. Whether it’s wheelchair basketball, adapted yoga, art therapy, or music sessions, our goal is to provide a range of choices that cater to different interests and abilities.

St Paul’s Way Centre

Every Fridays
10:30am -1:00pm

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