Contents insurance

We strongly advise you to take out home content insurance.

We offer a low cost, easy option scheme with Allianz Insurance plc for our residents. Or you can arrange insurance through another scheme.

Payment with your rent

If you decide to join our scheme, you can pay weekly together with your rent/service charge. Homeowners can pay quarterly by direct debit or annually in advance.

Keeping up the payments

To ensure you are always covered you must keep all your payments up to date.

Payments to your rent account will go first to rent, then to other charges and finally to insurance.

If you don’t keep up payments it could affect your claim settlement and will lead to the cancellation of your insurance.

Content Insurance Application Form

Please read the detailed information in our Content Insurance FAQ before completing this form
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2. We declare that all the questions have been fully completed and the answers are true and correct to the best of my/our knowledge and belief. Failure to answer truthfully and completely may mean that your policy becomes invalid or does not operate in the event of a claim. If you ahve any doubt please contact Poplar HARCA, 167a East India Dock Road, London, E14 0EA, or telephone 020 7510 0549.
3. I/We declare that we understand the contents of this completed application including the important information for applications at the start of this form.
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5. I/We undertake to pay the premium when called upon to do so.
6. I/We understand that the information on this form and information about any incident I/we may give details of may be passed to IDS Ltd so that they can make it available to other insurers. I/we also understand that, in response to any searches that may be made in connection with this application or any incident I/we have given details of, IDS Ltd may pass my/our insurers information it has received from other insurers about other incidents involving anyone insured under the policy.
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