Over three phases, the regeneration of the Leopold estate was completed in July 2018, from its transfer to Poplar HARCA in 2004.

In partnership with Countryside, the refurbishment included works to the existing ‘red blocks’, and demolition of the ‘grey blocks’.

The new build works were carried out in three phases:

  • Phase 1a (Geoff Cade Way): 62 homes, all for social rent. Many large family homes of up to 6 bedrooms.
  • Phase 1b (St Paul’s Way): 60 homes for sale and shared ownership, and a new community facility.
  • Phase 2 (Ackroyd Drive/Bow Common Lane): 364 new homes (19 social rent, 52 affordable rent, 37 shared ownership and 256 private sale).

Features of the scheme include:

  • History: A mosaic artwork ‘Entwined Histories’ was inspired by the London Docks rope-making factories, and the many migrant communities in the area. Two roads are named after female councillors, Nellie Creswell and Julia Scurr, who were part of the Poplar rates rebellion.
  • Green spaces: Two communal gardens and four pocket parks. One is named after former resident, Micky Almond.
  • Connections: New routes for pedestrians and cyclists, an electric car club and a Santander bike station.
  • Energy efficient: The new builds are heated by a single, efficient energy centre.
"I've lived on Leopold Estate since 1979, so we're coming up for 40 years. The place that we were living in, in Shelmerdine Close, was due for demolition and we decanted over to Geoff Cade Way [...]. Now we're on the ground floor, rather than third floor, and we've also got a garden, which we never had before. Here, it's absolutely gorgeous. Compared to the other place, it's a palace. Poplar HARCA has redeveloped this area from what I called a slum, where we used to live, and it's become a lovely area to live in."

Mike Haggerty, Resident

New homes & green spaces

Artistic historical references

Energy efficient

Project Complete

This project was completed in July 2018