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Aberfeldy community gets set for a blessed year


Chinese New Year celebrations in Aberfeldy Square have marked a blessed start to the year for the community.

A lion dance, a traditional Malaysian art form used to bless new buildings, kicked off the celebrations.

A total of seven new buildings will open in Aberfeldy Square this summer. As well as a new, bigger community centre and health and wellbeing centre, a wellness café, food shop, pharmacy, nursery, and deli restaurant, will also open their doors.

Alaina Morshead, an Aberfeldy resident and business owner who’s played a key role in developing future regeneration plans on behalf of her community, said.


‘The Chinese New Year celebrations reminds us how much better Aberfeldy has already become because of regeneration. I can’t wait for the regeneration to continue. It’s a wonderful opportunity to make sure our community continues to thrive and for Aberfeldy to become the place to be in east London.'

Alaina Morshead, resident and business owner

The Aberfeldy community were joined by Councillor Iqbal Hossain to bless their new buildings and welcome the Year of the Rabbit. Councillor Iqbal Hossain said:

‘It was a true blessing to welcome in the Chinese New Year with Aberfeldy’s friendly community. Celebrating an event of this kind is all about embracing our diversity and bringing the community together.

'I look forward to more community celebrations when the new health and wellbeing centre and community centre open in Aberfeldy Square later this year.'

Councillor Iqbal Hossain, Cabinet Member for Culture & Recreation

Aberfeldy has been the centre of major regeneration over the past decade, providing over 900 much-needed new homes in Tower Hamlets.  A planning decision on our ambitious new masterplan for the next phase of the redevelopment is expected in February.