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Samira is studying Applied Social Sciences, Youth Work and Community Development at Goldsmiths University. She has been taking part in a work placement at Bow Community Hub as part of her university degree.

“Volunteering has many benefits. It gives you the opportunity to gain experience, teach you valuable job skills, and advance your career. Volunteering can also have a positive effect on your mind and body as it provides a sense of purpose and increases self-confidence.

Volunteering at Bow Hub has had a positive impact on my life as it helps me to connect with others and make the community a better place. It has helped me to gain an understanding of the importance of community cohesion, and has helped me to discover both of my strengths and weaknesses. It has also helped me to gain experience in a field that I am very passionate about, which will support me in my career. Volunteering has helped me to gain self-confidence as I’m doing good for the community, this provides a natural sense of accomplishment.

Volunteering at Bow Hub is one of the best decisions I’ve made. One reason why I love volunteering at Bow Community Hub is because it gives me the opportunity to enhance and adapt my skill-set – through getting involved in outreach work, helping in the preparation and planning of events and building relationships with members of the local neighbourhood. I work alongside an amazing team which also motivates me to continue volunteering.”

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