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Buy Your Home

Can I buy my home?

There are two possible options for tenants to buy their home: the Right to Buy scheme, and the Right to Acquire scheme.

How do I apply?

Right to Buy 

Please complete all of the forms below:

Right to Acquire

Please complete all of the forms below:


How long does the process take?

Our step by step timeline outlines the process of the Right to Buy and Right to Acquire schemes.

If you are using a mortgage to help purchase your home, your lender will have processes they need to complete. Your solicitor or conveyancer should usually do a number of searches for other information about the property, mainly from the local council. The speed at which these searches take place is not under our control.

Stage 1: Admitting or denying your application

After you have completed your application, Poplar HARCA has four to eight weeks to let you know if you qualify for Right to Buy or Acquire your home.

Stage 2: Telling you how much we will sell you your home for

If you do have the Right to Buy or Acquire your home, Poplar HARCA has twelve weeks to value your home and tell you how much we will sell it to you for. This is called the Section 125 Offer Notice.

Stage 3: You decide

Once you receive this notice, you have twelve weeks to let us know if:

  • you want to buy your home at the price offered or
  • you aren’t happy with the price and would like to have your home re- valued.

If you ask to have your home re-valued, you will receive a new Offer Notice. The first Offer Notice and information you receive will explain the re-valuation process in more detail.

Once you receive the new Offer Notice you have another twelve weeks to let us know if you want to buy your home at the new price.

Stage 4: Drawing up the plans and lease

Once you let us know that you want to buy your home, Poplar HARCA must draw up the plans and lease as quickly as possible.

Stage 5: Completing the purchase

You must complete the purchase as quickly as possible.

Stage 6: Landlord’s prior notice to complete

Poplar HARCA will issue a landlord’s prior notice to complete and you will have 56 days to complete the purchase of your home.

Stage 7: Landlord’s final notice to complete

If you haven’t bought your home after the prior notice runs out, Poplar HARCA will issue a landlord’s final notice to complete and you will have a final 56 days to complete the purchase of your home.

Stage 8: Closing your application

If you still haven’t bought your home after the final notice runs out, Poplar HARCA will close your application and you will have to apply again.

Please bear in mind that other factors outside our control may affect the speed of the process.

I want to buy a flat. How will I know whether it is safe?

The Law Society provides useful fire safety guidance with information to consider before purchasing a flat.

What is Right to Acquire?

This applies to tenants who signed up to a Poplar HARCA tenancy and have been a social tenant for 3 years or more. Poplar HARCA, like many other housing associations, offers Right to Acquire with a maximum discount of £16,000.

The Government’s website provides a useful overview of who is eligible for the Right to Acquire scheme.

What is Right to Buy?

This applies only to tenants who were living in their home when the property was transferred from the council to Poplar HARCA. The current maximum capped discount is £136,400.

The Government’s website provides a useful overview of who is eligible for the Right to Buy scheme.

CCTV and smart doorbells

What is the guidance for installing CCTV and smart doorbells?

If you’d like to install a CCTV system or a smart doorbell at your home, you’ll need to get our permission first. To do that, email us at with: 

  • your name 
  • address 
  • a description of the system you’d like to install 

Once you have permission, make sure the CCTV system is installed within your property’s boundaries and doesn’t cause any damage to the building’s structure. You also need to respect people’s privacy and comply with UK Data Protection Law.

Do I need to follow UK data protection laws?

When setting up your CCTV or smart doorbell, make sure it only captures images on your own property. We understand this might be challenging if your property entrance or boundary shares a communal area with others. If your system captures images of people in a shared space or on the street, you must comply with UK Data Protection Law.

What if my CCTV or doorbell captures communal areas?

If your CCTV or doorbell captures images beyond your own property, you will need to follow guidance from the UK Information Commissioner’s Office 

This includes: 

  • putting up signs to indicate that recording is happening 
  • providing recorded footage to individuals whose image has been captured, if they request it 
  • regularly deleting footage or setting it to delete automatically, especially upon request from someone whose image has been recorded 
  • stopping the recording of a person if they object to it, when possible. For example, by pointing the camera in a different direction 
  • ensuring the system can’t be misused by anyone in your household or visitors 

How can I respect my neighbours’ privacy?

Consider the following when setting up your system: 

  • can you position the cameras to avoid capturing your neighbours’ property or shared/public spaces? 
  • do you need to record images, or is a live feed enough? 
  • does your system have an audio recording feature? Audio recording is generally more intrusive, so it’s best to not use it unless necessary 
  • can you turn off motion recording? Many video doorbells allow you to record only when someone rings the doorbell, which helps maintain privacy 

By following these guidelines, you can install your CCTV or smart doorbell while respecting others’ privacy and complying with the law.  

If you have any questions, please contact us at

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Cleaning, Gardening & Waste

Can I cut down a tree in my garden?

You must not cut down any tree without prior written permission from us.

Please contact the Housing team on 0800 035 1991 or email

Can I leave items in communal areas?

No, items cannot normally be left in shared areas. If items are left in shared areas, they must:

  • Be stored so they do not cause an obstruction
  • Not be bags of, or bulk, rubbish
  • Not be fabric, wood or other flammable materials
  • Not contain flammable liquids
  • Not be a risk to health and/or safety

You will normally be given 24 hours to clear items. After 24 hours, items will be removed and disposed of. The cost of doing so may be recharged to you.

Do you carry out estate inspections with residents?

We regularly carry out inspections jointly with residents.

The issues looked at will depend on what is most important to local residents but usually will cover estate services, communal repairs, grounds maintenance, refuse collection and recycling, cleaning of communal areas and antisocial behaviour, as well as security and environmental improvements.

The frequency is agreed with residents in each area, usually in line with Estate Board meetings. For more information contact your local Estate Board.

How can I get rid of furniture or other bulk rubbish?

There are lots of ways to get rid of large items of furniture or other bulk rubbish:

  • Tower Hamlets Streetline service will collect large items for free. Call 020 7364 5004 for more information.
  • Emmaus East London take good quality furniture to upcycle and sell at low cost in their charity shops. Call them on 020 7538 1132.

How do I get rid of pests?

If you have pests in your property, such as mice or insects, please contact Tower Hamlets Customer Contact Centre on 020 7364 5007 or

Details of Tower Hamlets’ pest control service can be found here.

How do I report dumped rubbish?

Fly-tipping is illegal and costs Poplar HARCA residents over £250,000 a year.

Please report fly-tipping in confidence on 0800 035 1991 or

Offenders can be prosecuted and fined hundreds of pounds.

How do I report issues with the underground refuse system?

If your URS bin is full, or overflowing, please contact the London Borough of Tower Hamlets team.

For more on how to use your URS bin, check out our how to guide.

If your URS bin is full, or overflowing, please contact the London Borough of Tower Hamlets team.

For more on how to use your URS bin, check out our how to guide.

How much will I pay for dumped rubbish?

Depending on whether you have dumped rubbish before, and depending on the amount of rubbish you have dumped, we will either recharge you for the removal or we will send you a warning letter. Usually a warning letter will be sent for the first instance of a few black bags or less being dumped.

All recharges will be subject to the current VAT rate and a £25 admin fee. Recharge amounts are dependent on external factors, however, we will not charge you any more than our contractors would charge us.

How often do you clean my building or estate?

This is what you can expect from us inside blocks and out on your estate:


  • Inspect, spot clean and clear: door entry systems, lobbies, stairs and landings, intake cupboard doors, litter and bulk rubbish, drug related items, obscene graffiti
  • Litter pick
  • Check lift is working, and sweep and mop floor of lift car


  • Sweep and mop: communal stair landings, stairwells and skirtings, lobby areas and entrances to blocks
  • Clean and polish lifts, and clean and disinfect bin rooms and URSs
  • Check communal lighting and timer clocks
  • Report repairs
  • Maintain designated Pocket Parks


  • Check security and condition of lofts, tank room doors and intake cupboard doors
  • Clean and disinfect chute hoppers
  • Remove weeds from hard standing areas
  • Wash out and scrub enclosed bin chambers


  • Clean internal light fittings, handrails and balustrades
  • Deep clean all internal stained wall surfaces

Twice a year

  • Clean all internal communal windows
  • Deep clean communal and door entry areas


  • Clean estate and street furniture
  • Clean sign boards
  • Deep clean communal staircases

How often is waste and recycling collected?

For information on the collection of household waste please visit the Tower Hamlets website.

What can I recycle?

You can reduce your waste by making use of Tower Hamlets Council‘s recycling facilities. Their website includes information on recycling bags and purple recycling bins, and collections for food, garden, commercial and bulky waste.

Who is responsible for gardening?

We look after 2,500 trees, 200 communal green areas, 700 shrub areas and 15 pocket parks across our estates.

If you have a private garden or outside area you must keep it tidy and free of rubbish. Poplar HARCA is not responsible for any work in private gardens.

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Disability Adaptations or Equipment

Can I get adaptations or equipment to help me at home?

The NHS provides advice on what is available to help you at home if you or a household member needs help to do everyday tasks or you’re worried about falls.
Residents of Tower Hamlets should contact the Council’s Occupational Therapy Service for advice, support and an assessment.
The responsibility for paying for adaptations depends on who owns your property.

If you are a Poplar HARCA tenant we will pay for adaptations, with the help of a disabled facilities grant if the adaptation requires major works.
Disability Facilities Grants may also be available to leaseholders, speak with the Council’s Team before you commit to pay for any works.

What should I do if I have mobility issues?

If you have mobility or other health issues that would prevent or make it difficult to get out safely in the event of fire, please let us know by calling 0800 035 1991 or emailing us on A member of our team will then contact you to discuss this and if you wish, prepare a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan with you.

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Enquire on Someone Else's Behalf

How do I enquire on behalf of other residents?

We will ask you to provide us with written permission to talk about or share anyone else’s information.

This is because:
• we have a legal responsibility to protect everyone’s personal data.
• we have to make sure that we act in the best interests of all our residents.

We have a template letter of authorisation you can use.

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Fire Safety

Am I allowed to smoke in my home?

While you’re allowed to smoke inside your home, we always ask that you do this with care.

You should:

  • Never smoke in communal areas or drop cigarette butts
  • Always make sure that cigarettes are put out completely and thrown away carefully
  • Never smoke in bed
  • Keep matches and lighters away from children
  • Never leave cigarettes or open flames unattended

It’s against the law to smoke in the indoor communal areas of the building. Your tenancy or lease will be at risk if you’re found smoking in communal areas.


Are e-bikes and scooters allowed?

We strongly advise against e-bikes and scooters as the lithium ion batteries they use pose a significant fire risk – in fact, it’s the fastest growing risk of fire in London.

If you do have an e-bike or scooter, you can find out how to minimise this risk through the London Fire Brigades’ Charge Safe Campaign.

E-bikes and scooters must not be left in the communal areas of blocks, as they could block you and your neighbours’ escape route in an emergency. Any found in communal areas will be removed under our Estate Management Policy.

Do you provide smoke alarms?

Smoke alarms save lives. You should fit one on every level of your home. If you are a tenant and don’t have these, please contact us and we will install wired-in smoke alarms for you.

If you are a leaseholder, it is advisable to fit wired-in smoke detection on each level of your property. If you rent out your home this is likely to be required in order to obtain a landlord license. Battery smoke alarms with a ten year battery life can be purchased relatively cheaply from DIY or hardware stores. The London Fire Brigade will also fit a battery alarm free of charge if you sign up for a home fire safety visit via their website or by calling 0800 028 4428.

How do I report fire safety concerns?

In an emergency, always ring 999.

I have a security gate. Is this safe if there’s a fire?

Security gates and grilles fitted on front doors or in shared areas, including walkways, can prevent the emergency services from reaching you quickly if there’s a fire.

Read more about what you can do to keep your home safe here.

Is it safe to barbecue?

Never use a barbecue (including a disposable barbecue) on balconies, in indoor communal areas or inside your home. You will also need prior permission from us to barbecue in outdoor communal spaces.

Position barbecues away from fences, trees or other combustible materials and never use flammable liquids such as petrol or spirits – solid fire lighters are safer.

Have water, sand or a fire extinguisher to hand and keep children and pets away.

Is it safe to leave items in communal areas?

Because communal areas serve as escape routes they should be kept clear of anything that can burn or give off smoke. This is especially important when communal areas are enclosed as there is a risk of smoke logging. Bags of waste, buggies, shoes etc. should be kept inside homes. Bulk items such as furniture awaiting collection pose a particular arson risk and should not be left in communal areas. Never leave e-bikes and scooters in communal areas as these pose a significant fire risk.

Is my balcony safe against fire?

If a fire breaks out on your balcony, it can spread much faster than a fire inside the building.

Read more about what you can do to keep your balcony safe here.

My smoke alarm is chirping – what should I do?

This may indicate a fault but most likely a spent battery. If you are a tenant, please contact our Repairs service. If you are a leaseholder, it is your responsibility to repair the alarm/change the battery.

What can I do to prevent fire?

Most fires start through cooking, smoking or electrical faults including white goods and e-bikes/e-scooters. There is lots of valuable home fire safety information on the London Fire Brigade website. This includes advice regarding the safe use of e-bike/e-scooter safety and how to register white goods so that in the event of known faults, the manufacturer can contact you.

You can also email or phone us to request a copy of our resident fire safety booklet which contains valuable tips on how to stay safe.

What should I do if I have mobility issues?

If you have mobility or other health issues that would prevent or make it difficult to get out safely in the event of fire, please let us know by calling 0800 035 1991 or emailing us on A member of our team will then contact you to discuss this and if you wish, prepare a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan with you.

What should I do if there’s a fire?

If there’s a fire inside your home or you’re affected by heat and smoke, wherever possible, get out as soon as you can.

If the fire is another part of the building, it’s usually safer to stay put in your home – unless you’re directly affected by heat and smoke, or you’ve been told by us that you should get out if there’s a fire.

Full guidance on what to do if there’s a fire, visit our Fire Safety page.

Why are fire doors important?

Communal fire doors and most especially your flat front door are important for safety as they stop fire and smoke from spreading.

Fire doors will only work if they’re closed, so:

  • Keep them shut when they’re not being used
  • Never wedge or prop them open
  • Never remove or adjust the door closer mechanisms

Please let us know about any faults or damage to the fire doors or closers in your block. You must contact us for permission before altering or changing your front door.

If you are a leaseholder, you are responsible for your own front door and should arrange for a certified contractor to carry out any repairs and maintenance needed and will need to provide us with certification.

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Fob Keys

Can leaseholders’ tenants get a fob key?

We only issue fobs to the leaseholder.

How do I get a free replacement fob key?

If your current key isn’t working or has been stolen, you can request a free replacement key. Before we can give you a replacement key, you’ll need to return your faulty key to us or provide us with a Crime Reference Number for your stolen key.

To order a replacement key please complete a request form via your MyHARCA account or call us on 0800 035 1991.

Please then chat to us over the phone to arrange a date and time to collect your new key from our George Green office on 155 East India Dock Road, E14 6DA. To help keep your block secure, you’ll be asked to provide proof of your identity and address. If your current key is faulty you can hand it in to us when you collect your new key.

Alternatively, you can order a new or extra key for £10.

How do I order a new or extra fob key?

You can order a new or extra fob key for £10. Please complete a request form via your MyHARCA account or call us on 0800 035 1991.

Once you’ve made your £10 payment please chat to us over the phone to arrange a date and time to collect your new key from our George Green office on 155 East India Dock Road, E14 6DA. To help keep your block secure, you’ll be asked to provide proof of your identity and address.

If your current key isn’t working or has been stolen you can request a free replacement key.

Home Contents Insurance

How do I apply for the My Home Contents Insurance service?

  • The easiest and quickest way to apply for My Home Contents Insurance is to complete a digital form available to download on this web page
  • If you aren’t online and want to apply for home contents insurance in writing, email us

Before you apply, please review the Important Customer Information Document and Insurance Product Information Document on the same web page.

Limits and exclusions apply. A copy of the policy wording is available on request.

Thistle Tenant Risks is a trading style of Thistle Insurance Services Limited. Thistle Insurance Services Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority Firm Reference Number 310419. Registered in England under No. 00338645. Registered office: Rossington’s Business Park, West Carr Road, Retford, Nottinghamshire, DN22 7SW. Thistle Insurance Services Ltd is part of the PIB Group.

Thistle Insurance’s Data Protection Privacy Policy is available to view online.

What is Home Contents Insurance?

It’s a good idea to consider home contents insurance so that your belongings are protected in the event of damage or loss.

Home contents insurance is not included in tenancy or leasehold agreements and is separate from building insurance, so every resident is responsible for making their own insurance arrangements.

To help you decide whether home contents insurance is right for you, we’ve teamed up with Thistle Tenant Risks and Great Lakes Insurance UK Limited who provide specialist tenants contents insurance policies to offer the My Home Contents Insurance scheme.

You can find out more and apply for the My Home Contents Insurance scheme, on this web page.

Whichever home contents insurer you choose, look for a provider who’s regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). You might find it helpful to use a comparison website.


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Money Advice & How to Pay

Can I improve my credit rating?

Your credit score, also known as a credit rating, affects your ability to borrow money or get financial products such as credit cards.

You can check your score for free – and if it’s not great, there are ways you can improve it.

Poplar HARCA is part of the Rental Exchange.  We provide rental payment records to Experian.  Paying rent on time, can help improve your credit rating.

The Rental Exchange has been developed with advice from regulators and consumer groups, and fully complies with all relevant laws, including Data Protection.

Join the Rental Exchange


How can I pay my rent or service charge?

Use our resident portal, MyHARCA. You’ll need your payment card.

Download the Allpay app.

Text message
You need a UK registered phone, your payment card and a current debit card. Register here.

Direct Debit
Set up a direct debit by filling out this online form, or call us on 0800 035 1991.

Standing Order
You set this up with your bank.

Use your address or account number as the reference.

Poplar HARCA’s bank details are:

  • Barclays Bank
  • Account number 0068 0001
  • Sort Code 20-26-53

How do I get a new payment card?

Apply on MyHARCA.


What benefits am I entitled to?

Get free and impartial advice from The Money Advice Service

If you would like to see what benefits you might be entitled to or how changes in work circumstances might affect you, use the benefits calculator to quickly calculate your entitlements.

Where can I get advice on Welfare Benefits?

Where can I get debt advice?

You can get advice on debt and borrowing money from The Money Advice Service

There are also a range of free services available locally:

Island Advice Centre
Island House, Roserton Street, E14 (off Castalia Square)

  • Drop-in Advice Sessions
  • Wednesdays: Welfare Benefits/General, 10am-12pm
  • Fridays: Debt and Housing, 10am-12pm

Tel: 020 7987 9379

Toynbee Hall
The Community Centre, 52 Old Castle Street, E14 7AJ

  • Drop-in Advice Sessions
  • Monday – Friday, 9am-5pm
  • Thursdays 5pm onwards (Evening Appointments)

Tel: 020 7392 2953

Limehouse Project
789-791 Commercial Road Unit 2, St Anne St, E14 7HG

  • Drop-in Advice Sessions
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9:30am-1pm

Tel: 020 7392 2953

Bromley By Bow Centre
St Leonards St, E3 3BT

  • Drop-in Advice Sessions
  • Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, 9:30am-12:30pm

Tel: 020 8709 9757

Tower Hamlets Law Centre
789 Commercial Road, Limehouse, E14 7HG

  • Appointments Available
  • Monday – Friday, 10am-1pm and 2pm-4pm

Tel: 020 7538 4909


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Move Home

Can you help with overcrowding?

Poplar HARCA has an overcrowding reduction plan to help tenants.

Poplar HARCA tenants with an assured tenancy living in an overcrowded home will be offered one home that is the right size for your family.

We cannot say when an offer will be made, and it could be in any location, for any type of property and any tenure e.g. affordable rent. If you refuse the offer it will not affect your housing application.

How do I apply to move?

You can download an application form here

Information about the process, priority and the number of homes and the number of other people on the list is available from the Tower Hamlets Homeseekers website.

What happens if I need to move because of ill health?

Information about health priority is here.

Priority on health or disability grounds will only be awarded after an assessment if someone in the household has:

  • a severe long-term limiting illness, or
  • a permanent and substantial disability
  • Their health or quality of life is severely affected by the home they live in.

If you feel you meet any of the criteria above, please complete this form, and return by either emailing us at or post to Poplar HARCA, 155 East India Dock Road, London E14 6DA.

What is mutual exchange?

It’s a home swap between two social housing tenants, each must have a secure or assured tenancy.

Find out more and register on the Homeswapper website.

What options are available?

Mutual Exchange: Home Swapper 

Moving to another part of London:  Homes for Londoners

Sheltered housing: LBTH Supported

Intermediate rent: First Steps Rent

Low cost home ownership: First Steps Buy

Housing advice: Housing advice

Homeless: Housing Options Service

Notice of Seeking Possession

What is a Notice of Seeking Possession?

Don’t ignore a legal notice from Poplar HARCA.

Contact us: 0800 035 1991.
It’s important you get advice if you receive any legal notice.

A Notice Seeking Possession from Poplar HARCA is the first stage of a process that could lead to you losing your home.

A Notice is served if Poplar HARCA has evidence that you have breached your tenancy agreement.  For example:

  • anti-social behaviour
  • criminal behaviour
  • refusing reasonable access to Poplar HARCA staff or contractors
  • rent arrears
  • subletting the property
Taking anyone to Court is a last resort, so if there’s a way to avoid it we will.   That could mean you do things like agreeing to repay arrears over a period of time, or changing your behaviour, or agreeing to let us in to your property.
Free and impartial advice is available from Tower Hamlets Council,  Shelter  and Citizens Advice.


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Can I make alterations to my home?

If you would like to carry out a permanent alteration to your home such as an extension, fitting a new kitchen or installing a shower, please fill out an Alterations Form on MyHarca, so we can assess your request. For more information, read our Alterations Policy.

How can I prevent blockages?

Most blockages are caused by inappropriate items (e.g. nappies, wipes, sanitary products, fat, food debris) being flushed down toilets or poured down sinks. Hair and soap can also build up in bathroom drains. Using a plug guard, regularly checking plug holes and taking care to scrape plates well before washing will help to keep your drains clear.

How can I prevent mould and condensation in my home?

Condensation is caused by water vapour in the air hitting cold surfaces such as walls, and mould often grows on damp surfaces when this happens. Some water vapour is normal, but too much can cause problems. By keeping your home well ventilated you can reduce water vapour and by keeping your home heated you can avoid cold surfaces for water to form on.

To prevent condensation and mould from forming, remember our mould acronym:

  • Move furniture away from walls
  • Open windows
  • Use the extractor fan
  • Lids on pans when cooking
  • Dry clothes outdoors, or in a bathroom with the door closed and fans switched on

How do I report an emergency repair when your office is closed?

Our phone lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so you can report an emergency at any time. If you report a repair that is not an emergency outside of office hours you may be told to contact us when the office reopens.

How do you keep my home safe?

Every year we carry out a wide range of safety checks in the communal areas of blocks and individual homes to make sure they are safe. This includes:

  • regularly inspecting properties to reduce fire risk
  • checking gas and electrical installations
  • assessing the condition of asbestos
  • testing water

You can help us to keep all our homes safe by reporting concerns as soon as they arise, keeping communal areas and private balconies clear and testing your smoke detectors regularly.

How will I know that a contractor is who they say they are?

All of our contractors carry identification which they will show you when they arrive for an appointment. If you have any doubts please call the Repairs Team who will be happy to verify whether or not the operative is who they say they are.

I have a problem with pests can you help?

If you have pests in your property, such as mice or insects, please contact Tower Hamlets’ Pest Control Team on 020 7364 5007 or Details of Tower Hamlets’ pest control service can be found here.

What appointment times do you offer?

We offer morning (8am – 12noon) or afternoon (12noon – 5pm) appointments from Monday to Friday. We are flexible so if you need our operatives to avoid the school run, or need a more specific time just let the Repairs Team know when you report the repair and we will do our best to arrange it for you.

What do I do if I need a meter reading or need my meter changed?

If you need us to let an engineer into one of the locked cupboards in/near your block for a meter reading or to change your meter, please give us at least 48 hours’ notice. You can get in touch by emailing

We may not be able to give access if less than 48 hours’ notice is given.

What is an emergency repair?

An emergency repair is classified as a repair needed to safeguard safety or the structure of the building. Examples include the total loss of electric power, cold water supply or heating. For more information, read our Repairs Policy.

What is involved in an electrical test?

We aim to carry out an electrical test in every tenant’s home, every five years. A test will usually take two operatives 2-3 hours to complete. It is very important that you keep the appointment and allow our contractor to complete the testing as it is an essential part of our approach to safety in residents’ homes. If you do need to change an appointment let us know so we can book you a more suitable one.

What repairs will I be charged for?

We will charge you for any repair or replacement that is needed as a result of inappropriate action or inaction by you, a member of your household or a visitor to your home. We may also charge you if we carry out a repair that is your responsibility.

What should I do if I smell gas?

If you smell gas in your home you should immediately contact the gas emergency service provider by calling 0800 111 999.

You should also:

  • turn off the gas supply (the emergency control valve is usually next to the gas meter)
  • extinguish all sources of ignition and do not smoke
  • do not turn light switches or plug sockets on or off
  • open all windows and doors

When will Poplar HARCA replace my kitchen, bathroom and/or boiler?

We replace items when, due to fair wear and tear, they are no longer in a functional condition and it is no longer possible to repair them. Our Property Services team assesses the condition of items and refers them for replacement when needed. We will contact you to let you know if a replacement is necessary and arrange a convenient appointment.

Which repairs and maintenance responsibilities belong to me, and which belong to Poplar HARCA?

Poplar HARCA is responsible for repairs and maintenance in communal areas, and you are responsible for many repairs and maintenance inside your home. Check your responsibilities here.

If you are a leaseholder or shared owner of your home you should consult your lease for further information.

Why does Poplar HARCA need to service my boiler?

We have a legal responsibility to service your boiler every year to make sure that it is working properly and is safe. We will let you know two months before the service is due so that a convenient appointment can be scheduled. It is very important that you keep the appointment and allow our contractor to complete the service so that we can make sure your home is safe and that your boiler will continue to work as it should. If you do need to change an appointment let us know so we can book a more suitable one for you.

Will my emergency repair be fixed straight away?

We aim for contractors to arrive within four hours. Sometimes it is necessary to make safe and then arrange a separate appointment for a full repair or replacement to be carried out.

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Satellite Dishes

Can I install a satellite dish?

You must have Poplar HARCA’s written permission before installing a dish.

Sky and other subscription services can be accessed through block communal dishes. Your subscription company will advise you when you sign-up to their service.

Poplar HARCA will normally refuse requests to install a satellite dish unless there is no communal system.

If permission is given:

  • the dish cannot be installed on cladding
  • no damage can be caused to the building
  • if planning permission is required, this has been obtained
  • the equipment (including cabling) is installed to a recognised standard
  • the environmental and aesthetic impact is minimised

It is a breach of your tenancy agreement or lease if dishes are installed without permission.

You will be recharged the whole cost of remedying any damage caused.

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When a Tenant Dies

What happens when a tenant dies?

We know it is difficult when anyone dies, all the more so if it’s someone close to you.
The law says that a tenancy does not end when the tenant dies.  This means that Poplar HARCA, or a representative of the tenant’s estate, has to end the tenancy by serving notice.
To do this, please download and complete the below form:

Notify us of the death of a tenant form

If you are not claiming a right to live in the property, we will ask you to:
  • provide a copy of the death certificate
  • provide evidence of your relationship to the tenant
  • confirm notice ending the tenancy
  • tell us if you are removing the tenant’s belongings from the property
If you are claiming a right to live in the property, this is called succession.
There are legal rules about who can succeed a tenancy.  It will depend on what the tenancy agreement says, whether or not anyone in the past has succeeded the tenancy, the size of the property and the personal circumstances of the person claiming succession.

You can apply for succession by filling in this form.

You can also get advice about your right to succeed.

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