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One of our clients had been out of work for a while when he signed up to our services. With the help of his advisor, he overcame a previous criminal conviction to get his ideal position as a careers advisor. We spoke to him about his time with Poplar HARCA Employment & Training.


Check out his full interview below!


What was your background before you started with the Love London Work Programme?

My background was in sales, customer service and advice and guidance. I had a sabbatical but was also convicted of a crime, affecting my ability to get back into the advice and guidance sector.

My confidence was low due to the job rejections, and this in turn affected me further with my mental health issues.


What happened when you registered with Poplar HARCA and how did it progress from there?

My advisor was very supportive and informed me how to tell employers about my convictions in a cover letter. She also empowered me to continue looking for roles in advice and guidance due to my qualifications and experience.


What difference did this make to you, and what was so special about the experience?

It empowered me, motivated me and built up my confidence again.


Were there any long term benefits to the outcome?

I gained employment as a careers advisor. This was my ideal position, and ultimately due to the fact that my advisor persisted with my continuing job search and applications within the sector.


What was the best highlight of your journey and experience?

My advisor completed my new CV and assisted me with my applications.


How has the Poplar HARCA Love London Work Project helped you with your journey so far?

It’s motivated me, developed my skills and encouraged me to face my mental health directly. It also enabled me to break barriers which had been holding me back.

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