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Hassaan had been out of work for 2 months before registering with our services and experiencing a hit to his self-confidence with job rejections. We spoke to him about how with Employment & Training support from Poplar HARCA, he went from not having a job with which to pay rent, to getting a job he loves and starting to support himself.

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What was your background before you started with the Love London Working Programme?

I had been unemployed for 2 months and was having a difficult time finding work. My CV wasn’t developed either. My confidence was poor, as I was doubting my ability to find work.

I was also unsure what work would suit me best as a part time job and as a main source of income.


 What happened when you first registered with Poplar HARCA, and how did it progress from there?

After registering sometime in November, I have since found the confidence, experience and skills that have helped me develop a good CV and find work.

Currently, I’m a fully qualified and trained barista. I enjoy active, ‘on-your-feet’ types of jobs.

Akthar has helped me find a fantastic barista course from Well Grounded, which I completed in February and found work whilst still in the course.


What difference did this make to you? What was so special about the process?

I’ve gone from not having money to pay rent, to having a part time job that I enjoy and being able to support myself in paying rent, so I’d say this has made a big difference to me in a good way.

The people at Poplar HARCA are understanding and helpful, with an approach to helping that is good and creative and gets one thinking about what they would like to achieve.

They’ve been very helpful in building my confidence.


Were there any long term benefits to the outcome?

I have developed life-long skills that are useful in finding work, experienced different jobs and learnt about my strengths and weaknesses. I now know what I’m good at, which kinds of jobs to sort through and which to apply for.


What was the highlight of your journey and experience?

It was helpful in building my confidence and giving me CV development skills.


How has the Poplar HARCA Love London Working programme helped you with your journey so far?

I have developed a lot as a person, gained many experiences and found a job as a barista that I enjoy. This has helped support me while I build my experience as a film maker part time.

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