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Antisocial Behaviour from Vehicle Drivers

Estate Boards meet to discuss local issues including antisocial behaviour, estate cleaning, housing and community activities and other ways to improve the area. They also give us valuable feedback on our service.


  • During the Lansbury West Gathering Group meeting in January 2020, residents voiced their concerns about antisocial behaviour along the service road used by Poplar HARCA’s Estate Service teams to the Kildare Walk garages. They explained that unauthorised vehicles frequently used this road as a cut through to the estate resulting in noise nuisance, loitering, and obstruction to residents with vehicles.
  • The residents requested that a large gallows gate be installed at the Canton Street entrance to the estate, to prevent this problem from continuing.


  • After hearing the concerns of the Gathering Group and the negative impact it was having on residents living in the estate, Poplar HARCA agreed to the installation a new gate. The works were funded by the Lansbury West Estate’s Minor Works Budget and completed in June 2020. This has eliminated the road being used as a cut-through, and there has since been a noticeable reduction in antisocial behaviour.
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