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Feym enjoys life in brand new shared ownership home in Emerald Gardens


Feym, an Account Manager for a technology company, was the first resident to move into Emerald Gardens - just before the coronavirus lockdown.

What did you know about shared ownership before you bought your home?

Not much to be honest – I had heard about it before from some friends and colleagues of mine but I didn’t know how the scheme worked and what the benefits of it would be. I did a lot of research before I contacted Poplar HARCA, but also the Sales team at HARCA was able to answer some of the questions I had. There are also a lot of websites and videos online that can help you understand the scheme better.

Why did you choose to buy a shared ownership property?

What convinced me are really the possibilities that shared ownership gives you. While you might not be able to buy something outright, shared ownership is a great way to get on the property ladder. Also most shared ownership properties are new builds which also means less maintenance, a more modern apartment and less costs for energy and heating!

What impact has having your new home had on your day to day life?

I moved into Emerald Gardens just before lockdown and was very happy to finally have a place I could call my own. It was a little hard in the beginning, trying to get used to a new place and a new neighbourhood while working from home full time. Luckily, it didn’t take long for me to feel like home here and really make the place my own – who knew you could furnish a whole flat without ever visiting a store in person?!

What is your favourite thing about your new home?

Actually there are two things. First, the location – I love being close to Greenwich and next to the river. Secondly, my balcony – I love sitting outside and just seeing the world pass by, especially on summer days!

How are you finding living in Poplar?

Emerald Gardens and the Isle of Dogs are lovely – I always lived in Tower Hamlets but never around here. During lockdown I took a lot of long walks to explore the area. There are so many great things around here and although it’s so close to Central London, it feels very residential and quiet around here. Also Island Point in general is great – I love the communal gardens and the attention to detail around the estate.

Have you got to know any of your neighbours?

Yes, a few and they are all very lovely! There definitely is a sense of community here which I really like!

Have you got any tips for someone who is considering buying a shared ownership property?

I would say two things: do your research and don’t hesitate to ask when you have questions. It can all be very confusing in the beginning but with proper research it will all start to make sense!

Please tell us about your experience of buying your home through Poplar HARCA.

Frances, Ashton and Helen were all very lovely – they were always available for questions and responded very quickly. They made the whole process easier and less stressful!

Anything else to add?

Honestly, for everyone out there considering buying their first home, whether it is through shared ownership or not, I know it can be scary but believe me, you will never forget the moment your solicitor calls you and tells you: congratulations, you are now the owner!

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"You will never forget the moment your solicitor calls you and tells you: congratulations, you are now the owner!"