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Front door replacement programme on the Lansbury estate


To make sure we meet fire safety recommendations, Poplar HARCA has engaged Shellen to replace all tenants’ front doors in buildings that are over six storeys and have enclosed corridors.

We have recently started the work in eight buildings on the Lansbury Estate: Norwich, Essex, Talbot, Osterley, Busbridge, Maidstone, Salisbury and Colebrook Houses. Residents of other blocks on the programme will be contacted in advance of the contractors moving to their block.

If you have any further questions to the below, please get in touch on 0800 035 1991 or at

Why does my front door need to be replaced?

The Government is reviewing building safety following the Grenfell Tower fire.

We want to be sure that your front door meets new guidance on fire safety. Your front door is important because if there is a fire in your building it can delay fire spreading and smoke escaping.

What door will be fitted?

A certified, engineered wooden door and frame with a letter plate, spy hole, and door closer. There is also a three point auto locking system and thumb turn security cylinder for security.

What’s so good about the door?

They are certified under BM TRADA ‘Q’ mark accreditation which means the door has been independently assessed as safe and fit for purpose. You can find out more here, search ‘fire door’.

Can I opt out?

No, this is essential work that Poplar HARCA has to do to make sure your home is safe.

I have a security gate. Will it need to be removed?

Yes, it will need to be removed so that the door and frame can be replaced.

Will the contractor reinstall my security gate?

No. Security gates are a safety risk because they could delay you getting out of your home if you need to, and delay the emergency services, such as the Fire Brigade, getting into your home in the event of a fire.

We know feeling safe at home is a concern which is why we’re fitting new front doors which offer improved security.

You may have previously got permission to install a security gate, but when the new door is fitted Poplar HARCA is withdrawing any agreement you may have had in the past.

Who will fit the door and frame?

Shellen Security will carry out the work. Their Team will carry identification and wear the company uniform. If you have any concerns, please call us on 0800 035 1991. Never let anyone into your home unless you are sure who they are.

Our contractors are happy to remove and dispose of your gate for you.

What colour will the door be?

All the doors will be dark blue.

Can I see a door before it is fitted?

Yes. There is a drop-in session for residents to see the door and ask any questions on Wednesday 11th March 2020, 9am-12pm at Chrisp Street Management Office, 19 Market Square, E14 6AQ.

How should I prepare for the works?

You will need to give Shellen access to fit the new door, which could include moving any belongings you may have in your hallway.

How many keys will I be given?

You will be given three sets of keys.

When will the work start?

Shellen will write to you so you can book a convenient appointment for your door to be measured.

When the door has been made, you will be contacted to arrange a second appointment for the new door set to be fitted.

How long will it take to fit the door?

It should take no more than a day to install the new door and frame.

Will somebody need to be at home?

Yes, we will need somebody to let our contractors into your home and to be there while the work takes place.