The Hidden Homes scheme has transformed unused spaces into 17 new homes in Poplar, over three phases.

Phase 1

Completed in September 2016, Phase 1 provided 6 new homes:

  • 2 new homes created from redundant water tank rooms at Prioress House.
  • 2 new homes created from a redundant boiler room and oil tank room from the old communal heating system at Hind Grove. A new base for Poplar HARCA’s Estate Services teams was also created.
  • A new home created from an empty Estates Services base at Maydwell House.
  • A new home created from empty storage sheds at Birchdown House.

Phase 2

Completed in April 2019, Phase 2 provided 7 new affordable homes, and re-homed 4 overcrowded families:

  • 6 new homes formed from a redundant NHS Clinic and Dental Suite.
  • A new home formed in the redundant store at Busbridge House.

Phase 3

Completed in January 2021, Phase 3 converted 16 redundant garages into 4 new affordable homes at Mollis House.

“[My daughter] loves having her own bedroom, making her bed and tidying her dolls. It’s great for her independence. The quality is excellent and it’s got loads of natural light. There is a lot of things going on, I’m right next to the Poplar HARCA centre. There’s shopping, parks, and a new park being built.”

Lisa, Resident

Transformed unused spaces into 17 new homes

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100% affordable homes in Phases 2 & 3

Rehomed overcrowded families

Project Complete

This project was completed in Jan 2021