What to do if there’s a fire

What to do if there's a fire inside your home or in a neighbouring property.

Always call 999 in an emergency.

In your home

  • Get everyone out
  • Close the door behind you
  • Try to warn neighbours
  • Use the stairs not the lift
  • Leave the building and move a safe distance away
  • Phone 999 from outside.

In a neighbour’s home

  • Ring 999 – it’s generally safer to stay in your own home unless you are directly affected by fire or smoke, in which case leave, if you can do so safely
  • Always follow the fire brigade’s advice – they may choose to evacuate the block.

If your home is affected but you are unable to leave the building:

  • call for help from a window
  • use towels and sheets to block smoke
  • if affected by smoke, stay as low as possible.