The Board members have overall responsibility for Poplar HARCA.

They may delegate to others such as to Committees and the Corporate Management Team, but they still retain the ultimate responsibility for all actions taken in Poplar HARCA’s name.

They also decide the overall aims and objectives of Poplar HARCA and ensure that the organisation is meeting these and keeping within its legal, financial and moral obligations.

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Committee Members

Lhipon Miah

Lhipon has lived in the Bromley by Bow area for over 25 years.

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Peter Stredder

Peter has had an extensive career in finance and housing policy, and substantial voluntary experience in housing association corporate governance.

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Tracey Walsh

Tracey is Chief Executive of the East End Community Foundation, a grant maker and philanthropy advisor addressing poverty in East…

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Taylor Adams

Taylor was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada and has lived in Tower Hamlets for the last two years.

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Kate Hogarth

Kate was born in South Africa and has lived in East London since 2016.

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Colin Campbell

Colin Campbell has over 28 years' experience working in various roles within HM Revenue & Customs.

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John Norman

John spent his career in airport management.

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Simon Turek

Simon is a qualified lawyer.

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Alex Woolmore

Alexandra has lived on the Isle of Dogs for over 10 years.

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Matthew Rowe

Matthew used to live on the Brownfield Estate and is a member of the Brownfield Estate Board.

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Naz Hussain

Naz is an accomplished Finance Director with 20 years of international experience within the travel and events management industry.

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Colin Wollard

Colin has lived on the Brownfield Estate since 1992.

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