Football consultation launched

Interested in improving football in Poplar and Bow?

We're running a consultation until 19th March to see how we can better support local football.

Everyone interested in football in the borough is invited to participate in our survey to help shape future the future of football in Poplar and Bow. If you are part of a local club or group, please take part and circulate to your members. We'll even pop down to your training session so you can have your say face to face.

Take part in the survey 

The aims of this consultation are to:

  • Identify ways to allow more people to engage with football locally
  • Identify any gaps in provision (especially with regards to under-represented groups like women and disabled people)
  • Feed into any future football development plan for the borough, which could potentially unlock significant FA funding
  • Explore the appetite for a new football venue in the east of the borough

If you would like to take part in the consultation, please contact Wei Du:



Wei Du


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