Overgrown trees - no more!

Staff from across HARCA have been working with a number of residents with the upkeep of their properties through fortnightly home visits. Our Housing and Safeguarding teams have been closely supporting two residents in particular who struggle with hoarding, to help them with the upkeep of the inside & outside of their properties - including cutting and tidying overgrown trees.

The first resident was having trouble accessing her property freely due to the overgrown trees, which were also blocking her view from the window. She got involved with the clear up, and now feels much safer as she has a better view of the front of her property – particularly beneficial during Winter’s shorter days.

The trees in the second property were blocking any natural light, and overgrowing onto the pathway which was affecting other residents. After a reluctant start, the resident got stuck in with helping trim the tree down and he was very proud of what he had achieved.

This project has shown excellent joint working between Service Hub, Estate Board Manager, Safeguarding, Repairs, Technical and Housing Officers. Sharma Begum, Support Officer, said: “It’s been positive to work with others teams, great partnership work. Also, well done to the residents who have been trying to take our requests and advice on board.”

Well done to all the teams who continually go above and beyond their job roles to keep residents feeling safe in their homes.

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Estate Board Manager, Dave Tull, in action trimming the trees. Watch Irene’s story to see another example of how he went above and beyond his role to help a resident, Irene, reduce her hoarding.

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