Santa's little helpers

Over the Christmas period, 36 staff volunteers from across Poplar HARCA (otherwise known as Santa's little helpers!) took part in Christmas outreach visits to over 700 elderly and vulnerable residents across all of our estates.

During the visits, we reached out to residents who may have struggled over the colder months to make sure that they had hot water, heating and someone they could contact in an emergency. It helped us to identify those who may need a little more support and ensure that this was in place.

George Phidia, Support Officer, said: “We spoke with residents about their plans for Christmas and if they had any issues with their property. There was one elderly resident who had some problems with her heating which has now been rectified. Without these visits that issue would not have been picked up and one of our elderly residents could have been without heating over the Christmas period. This was the whole purpose of these visits and shows that they were very worthwhile.”

A huge thank you to all of our staff who got involved!


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