With EcoWorld London we have brought High Street Works on board to revitalise Aberfeldy Street.

Over the next two years, working with existing business tenants and new ones, High Street Works, a joint venture between Meanwhile Space and Jan Kattein Architects, will create opportunities which inspire Aberfeldy Street to become a bustling, social hub once again.

The physical appearance of Aberfeldy Street has already transformed to create a diverse, engaging and safe space through:

  • Beautiful, colourful new murals on the shop fronts, inspired by the Bangladeshi Kantha tradition of recycling used textiles to make something new, and fabric donations from local residents.
  • Improvement works, including new street lighting and signs.

The  START HERE programme has launched too. It aims to:

  • Give local businesses and community organisations an opportunity to trial or grow their businesses.
  • Provide one year rent-free periods to new business tenants, followed by below market rates.
  • Offer existing and new businesses advice, mentoring and support to create new, local employment opportunities.
  • Coordinate a series of community events with business tenants and local people.

This work on Aberfeldy Street forms part of the Aberfeldy Village regeneration.

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