Women East

Women East is a newly formed series of events and projects to engage and empower women in east London.

In collaboration with Poplar HARCA and Bow Arts, it started with an Islamic Geometry workshop run by Samira Mian (who is part of the Manifesting the Unseen exhibition), and there are lots of events lined up for the future, including:

Visible Voices Community Day (Sunday 16th December, 1-3pm, 26 Bromley High Street, L3 3EP)
Come along to the Bow Arts exhibition featuring art made within the local community, along with plenty of food and music. There will also be a free walking tour, retracing the steps of the East London Federation of Suffragettes. (2-3pm)
The Visible Voices shop at Stroudley Walk is the site of Sylvia Pankhurst’s first speech and arrest.

Want to contribute to the exhibition?
There are free art workshops taking place (all at 26 Bromley High Street, L3 3EP) to make local women’s voices visible in the community.
These art pieces will be included in the exhibition.

Graffitti & Banner Workshop
Saturday 17th November, 2-5pm

Bookmaking & Posters Workshop
Saturday 24th November, 2-5pm

Making a Flag Workshop
Saturday 1st December, 2-5pm

Powerful Voices Workshop
Saturday 8th December, 2-5pm





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