Meet the police team!

Our residents told us they noticed a big difference when we lost our Met Police Team in 2016.

So this year, funded by residents, a dedicated 5-strong Police Team is again working with our ASB and Safeguarding Teams.

If you are experiencing, or witness, bad behaviour, contact Poplar HARCA on 0800 035 1991 or email

If it’s a crime call the Police on 101, or 999 in an emergency.


Constable Begum    

Has spent 2 years working in Tower Hamlets

“I was attracted to this opportunity so I could deliver proactive police work for the local community”

Constable Osborne

4 years working as a PC in Tower Hamlets.

“We can deliver a high quality service because the role is community led and less reactive”

Constable Albone 

Previously a red route support office in Tower Hamlets

“I wanted to help the local community. I grew up in an area with lot’s of ASB and know how harmful it can be”

Constable Welsh

11 years a PC, many of them in Tower Hamlets

“I was recently the dedicated Ward Officer for Lansbury, so this role was a perfect fit. Focusing on a small area means we can deliver the biggest impact”

Sergeant Roll

21 years as a Police Officer, and a Sergeant in Tower Hamlets for over 6 years.

“This was a great opportunity to engage with the community, with the time to invest in local relationships. I look forward to working with residents and partners across Poplar”






0800 035 1991




101 or 999

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